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          As a company with global reach, we recognize how our business can contribute to impact the communities we work and serve in.

        Through our sustainability initiatives, we are committed to continuously improving our business practices, to ensure a healthy and sustainable

         environment for future generations to come.



Universal Menswear Ltd. 


Higg Index delivers a holistic overview that empowers businesses to make meaningful improvements, protects the well-being of factory workers, local communities, and the environment. So, we customized our social and environmental requirements as per the HIGG index. The Higg Facility tools has created opportunities for us to have open conversation among the value chain partners and businesses at every tier.


ü  Providing deep tube-well to poor communities and religious hubs

ü  Providing monetary fund to the religious hubs during festivals.

ü  Tree Plantation

ü  Foods and clothes distributed too poor families.

ü  Providing Rides to the Undeveloped Schools

ü  Renovating labor room for community unprivileged Women

ü  Providing Doctor (Gynecologist) in a week for free medical check up

ü  Providing school furniture's for primary schools

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