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Production Monitoring



Production Monitoring system takes plant management to a higher level,

supporting machine management in real-time.

View overall enterprise or specific work center performance.

from any computer on your network(even remotely)

and check production as it occurs.

Production Monitoring provides instantaneous feedback

on critical parameters such as total product created,

production time, downtime, product remaining to be produced.

Inhouse Laboratory


We have complete in-house facility for executing Textile Testing

Our lab is adequately equipped with the latest sophisticated analytical instruments

and a team of competent & experienced laboratory technicians.

They provide accurate & meaningful testing services for a wide variety of textile

samples in strict accordance with various

National & International Testing standards & specifications.



We used latest & sophisticated cutting machinery.

This is most high-tech department in UML with quantitative working procedures.

We ensure this section is highly productive.

3D Fashion Design 

3D fashion design software program creating virtual, true-to life garment visualization with cutting-edge simulation technologies