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Universal Menswear Ltd was one of the first factory setup by Bangladesh and Romania as joint venture factory in business partnership with H&M for men’s suits.

UML is one of the largest men’s suits manufacturers in Bangladesh with a combined staff phase-1 and 2 work forces of 5000 in total and plan to produce 3 million suits per year with 100 million USD turn over in 2019. UML become a fully-fledged men suits solution provider in South-East Asia, with our own design studios and backup support get from Romanian joint venture partner.

UML ethical and ECO commitments are their point of differences to others. Company looks to differentiate itself through innovation in technology and by how it partner’s with his customers.

We need to accept that the world is changing if you build in yesterday’s products you have to do it cheaper but if you compete on cost you can’t innovate on technology. It’s about getting better, faster; on tomorrow’s methods is the win-win situation for us.

UML also is working to tighten up its relationships along the supply chain so that all partners can maximize collaboration of their unique capabilities.

We like to work as facilitators- bringing everyone together as equals. We want to allow the best ideas to come out, and thereby supply chain creates meaningful value for everyone.



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