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 Universal Menswear Ltd. it’s about understanding the brands, business, not just taking an order. 


When we started manufacturing suits in Bangladesh, the country was known more for knit, shirt, casual, denim & bottom manufacturing company.


We have grown to become one of the countries & southeast Asia largest suits manufacturing company and have watch Bangladesh developed and enviable reputation for quality and craftsmanship.


In the fashion industry change is inevitable. We have been observing the market & helping our clients adjust to changing market needs. We started with PV suits, we now produce all different fabric & products like poly wool, 100% wool, 100% linen, corduroy & velvet fabric. We do men’s suits, overcoat, insulated jacket, waist coat, chino pant, Ladies formal suit and many more.


The market these days is more demanding than ever & we help our clients to meet this demand.

Our size, Reputation & financial backing give us the ability to take almost any order & solve almost any problem.


It’s about so much more than manufacturing; UML managers are portfolio of growing businesses & is position as one of the best designs to deliver solutions provider in the formal suits manufacturing in Bangladesh. We build capacity to manufacturing 3 million suits per year with 60 million dollars turnover company. Our road map to reach 84 million dollars in 2025.


Formal suits originated in Europe, in an after 2021 Asia will be the center of the world as expected. Now Bangladesh is turning a new chapter with value added product producing for world best brands for formal suits category.

We like to work as facilitators- bringing everyone together as equals. We want to allow the best ideas to come out, and there by supply chain creates meaningful value for everyone.


Indrajith Kumarasiri

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